Bitter-nut:Life ressembles news article

The value of life equals the time you live, no more, like the value of a news article is an hour it took to write it, no longer.

All the coronavirus pandemic triggered my deep-down fear of death. Since I was 16 this fear occupied my mind regularly.

I am unable to accept that I will die someday. I am particularly scared of the sudden end, a black screen, no feelings or worse, some dreadful feelings that are indescribable.

It piqued my interest even more, when it turned out that a death can be expected, and you may die of asphyxiation, of being hit by car or drown. That`s daunting.

I hurried to comfort myself claiming that we leave a lot of things for future generations, that possess cultural value. But this reflection ended up by an assertion in the heading.

A news journalist does not have a portfolio, since his work is to write news. A text written a day ago is not news. It does not matter it we did something in our lives, it would not live long. Life equals the time it lasts.

Cashew: Learning Mandarin

I am used to say that Mandarin is a very simple language. It has simple grammar and you need to learn the words and their prononciation, so it turns to be relatively easy to master.

I have HSK 3 level at the moment, and I speak enough well to teach a Chinese my native language or any other language I know.

But yesterday I challenged myself to read a short story aloud, with no pinyin support. Five A5 pages were so exhausting!

I may remember the meaning, but forget the prononciation, then I do the opposite.

My new teaching catch-phrase will be:

Chinese is simple, chinese is easy, except for reading aloud.

Nazelnut: First Job and Ideal job may not come at the same time

If throughout the entire day you learned how to use matrix multiplication by reading manga and caught your second pokemon, why would it be unproductive?

Sometimes work limits your hobbies and desires. I came across it once I graduated, being unable to find more suitable job with more flexible work hours. Moreover, I do not plan to ever keep working and build a career in a sphere.

Why will not I provide notice of ending employment and become a self-employer? That will happen one day, but its hard to do right away. First, I need to master all new skills required for the job. Thats what I call it — a HOBBY!

The worse thing is, I do really care about my duties and everything I do, even if the outcome is not worth it. That means playing tough even when noone asks me to do it. Sometimes I even notice some traits of CFS. I think about my work whole day, except while I am at work, huh.Try to do your best at work all day long and not to fall asleep as soon as you come home!

Whatever the reason is that you might suffer the same problem, it is essential to do something for yourself. I do not suggest hard attempting to live up to the ideal schedule, trying to work part-time at the main job and mastering new skills and jobhunting at night.

Try to learn ONE new thing for a day. It may be anything, a useless thing, an unprofessional trifle. It effectively opens the gates to your WISHES. Keeping connected to them is vital.

Try to make the most of what you have, try to keep pleasing yet not necessarily useful things to yourself. The new that will help us overcome dark times, it will keep your dreams alive.